Our vision is to inspire the community to become active and achieve in athletics.
We aim to be inclusive, supportive, positive, encouraging and fun, offering the best possible experiences for athletes ranging from 6 years old, with the basics in running, jumping and throwing; to high school students wanting to take their skills to a new level; right through to the those looking to be active in recreational events or striving for excellence and awards.

Why is Athletics training so good for school kids?
Athletics training develops the personality traits of: teamwork, perseverance, responsibility, physical endurance, commitment, time management, and personal and emotional health. It’s also a fun and exclusive way to have fun and learn new skills that build a foundation
for many other sports. Training in any sport helps children to develop mental and physical toughness; it shapes their body and make them strong and active. It’s also a fun and healthy way to be social.

Volunteers (welcomed)

We welcome the support of volunteers, both on club nights and/or behind the scenes. This club is run by the community for the community and relies on a team of volunteers at all levels to ensure success and longevity.

To ensure we run a smooth and effective Club Night over the summer season we do need more parent help please.  This season we will be operating a roster system for any parents that can help out. Remember, you don’t need to have any prior training – you will be put with one of our coaches and will just be that extra person to help – especially as our registration numbers are set to increase once again!

Coach development pathway

We have a coach development pathway available to all, ranging from levels preparing parents as ‘First Coach’ to the more advanced and movement specific levels of Development and High Performance.  

Club support and committee

We have a wealth of community support ranging from cross generational family members, ex athletes, current athletes, professional trainers and coaches, and local organisations. Spear headed by a committee, we hope to best meet the needs of our members. Please call for enquiries. See our Contact page for details.

Also see our Code of Conduct